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 +====== Compiling OOBD-ME ======
 +OOBD-ME is a Netbeans project, so you'll need at least Netbeans ;-)
 +You'll also need 
 +  * Ant
 +  * [[http://​​p/​kahlua/​| Kahlua]] as the LUA virtual maschine
 +  * and [[https://​​| LWUIT]] as the "​windows manager"​
 +In Netbeans, you need to have the "​Mobility"​ and the "​Mobility End to End" Plugin (under "​Tools/​plugins"​) and the Java ME SDK (or Wireless toolkit 2.5.2). ​
 +In case the Java ME SDK is not included in your Netbeans Installation pack, you've to install the Java ME SDK seperately and add it afterwards to your Netbeans environment under "​Extras/​Platforms../​Add Platform"​ or "​Refresh"​ in case you update your SDK.
 +Download and extract the LWUIT archive, Kahlua comes later
 +  * checkout the source from http://​​p/​oobd/​source/​checkout (this should also checkout the kahlua sources, as it is linked into this repository)
 +  * in the checked out directories there'​s one directory calling Kalua. From a terminal window, run "​ant"​ in that directory to generate the kahlua.jar package
 +  * Somewhere in the Kahlua package, there'​s a file called stdlib.lbc. Copy it into the "​res"​- Folder in the checkout tree
 +  * When you load the project into Netbeans, Netbeans will moan about "​broken references"​. Correct this by point the references to the kahlua.jar and lwuit.jar files somewhere in the extracted directories
 +  * Under the Netbeans OOBD-ME project properties in Application descriptor/​Midlets,​ correct the following entries to
 +    * Midlet-Name:​ OOBD-ME
 +    * Midlet-icon /​oobd_small.PNG
 +Now you should be able to build and run the program either in the emulator or on your mobile phone
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