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**The OOBD Book** Download as [[epub|eBook]] \\ Download as [[|PDF / Mobi]] * [[start|Documentation]] * Installation * [[startup_javame|OOBD-ME (Mobile Phones)]] * [[startup_android|OOBD-Android]] * [[startup_windows|Windows OOBDesk]] * [[startup_embedded|Raspi & Co]] * [[startup_usage|Start the programs]] * [[startup_oobdscript|First Success: Run the OOBD script]] * [[lua_start|Lua in OOBD]] * [[tools_quickscript|Click your Script: Quick Script]] * [[lua_make-your-own-scripts|Make your own OOBD Scripts]] * [[lua_tutorial|The OOBD Lua Tutorial]] * [[lua_make|Lua Build Enviroment]] * Web UI * [[:de:doc:webui_tutorial|Web User Interface Tutorial(German)]] * [[webui_guide|Web UI Package structure]] * [[:de:doc:webui_simulator|UI Emulator for development(German)]] * [[hw_start|The OOBD Hardware]] * [[hw_quickstart|OOBD Cup Quick Start]] * [[hw_assembly-cupv5|Build your own Dongle]] * [[hw_busswitch|Add a second Bus to DXM]] * [[hw_bootloader|Flash the Bootloader]] * [[hw_firmware|Flash the Firmware]] * [[hw_flash-from-usb-stick|Flash the Firmware from USB-Stick]] * [[hw_commands|The Firmware Commands]] * [[tools_start|The OOBD Utilities]] * [[tools_kadaver|Kadaver]] * [[tools_quickscript|Quick Script]] * [[tools_cortex-crc32|Cortex-CRC32]] * [[tools_filelist|Filelist]] * [[tools_olp|OLP]] * [[tools_oobdcopyshop|OOBDCopyShop]] * [[tools_oobdtemple|oobdtemple]] * [[tools_oodbcreate|OODBCreate]] * [[tools_opendiagx|OpenDiagX]] * [[tools_oobdcmd|OOBDcmd]] * [[tools_oobdflash|OOBDFlash]] * PGP * [[pgp_setup|Install PGP Keys]] * [[dev_start|Development]] * [[dev_googlesetup|Join the News]] * Setup your Developer Environment * [[dev_cygwininstall|CygWin Environment]] * [[dev_setupswing|Java Swing]] * [[dev_setupme|Java ME]] * [[dev_setupandroid|Android]] * [[dev_androidlivecd|The Android Debug Live CD]] * [[dev_setupfirmware|Firmware]] * [[dev_clientdesignguide|User Interface Design Guide]] * [[dev_systemspec|The OOBD System Spec]] * [[dev_readotherformats|Import XML files]] * [[dev_links|Link Collection]] * [[dev_roadmap|Road Map]] * [[rfc_start|Specifications (RFC)]] * [[rfc_firmware_syntax|OOBD Firmware: General Command Syntax]] * [[rfc_canuds-mode|OOBD Firmware: Protocol : UDS (P 6 ..)]] * [[rfc_canraw-mode|OOBD Firmware: Protocol : CANraw (P 6 ..)]] * [[rfc_rtd-real-time-data-protocol-for-the-oobd-firmware|OOBD Firmware: Protocol : Real Time Data (RTD) (P 6 ..)]] * [[rfc_pgp-encrypting-sensible-data-with-pgp|PGP Principle]] * [[rfc_onion|The ONION Message Format]] * [[faq|Frequently Asked Questions]]


====== Reading other Formats ====== To supply OOBD with some data to make the lua scripts out of it, we are working on find several translation methods to use other sources as potential inputs. These different ways are described in here. ===== Using MDX files ===== MDX files, an OEM specific dialect of ODX, is working already fine. Please read the OpenDiagX documentation for details ===== Using Vector DBC files ===== DBC files describe real time data on the bus (at least that's the part we are try to cover). In the moment we are using the follwing approach: ==== Step 1: Converting .dbc into Kayak definition files (.kcd) ==== [[|Kayak]] is a nice tool for Linux to read real time CAN data streams. Luckily there does a tool exist, which converts the Vector dbc file format into the xml based format of Kayak, [[|CANBabel]]. Unfortunately the CANBabel website only supports the source code, so you would have to build the executable by yourself. To make your start easier, you can find a inofficial {{|CANBabel Binary}} here. ==== Step 2 Translating Kayak definition files (.kcd) via XSLT ==== When the kcd file is there, it's easy to translate it further with XSLT because of its xml structure. On Windows is quite hard to find a program for this, because all the GUI based clickifancycolor programs are either complicated, overloaded, expensive or all of it (if you find a simple one, let us know..) On the command line instead it's just a finger snip if you run Linux or Cygwin. Its the [[|XMLStarlet]] package which makes it work. Just use the shell script and one of the prepared XSLT transformation files provided in the [[|OBBD project folder]]. Please make sure to use the right xmlstarlet program, which is provided with the Cygwin package Manager. Here you can find [[dev_cygwininstall|how to install Cygwin packages]].

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