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The OOBD Utilities

While preparing the OOBD scripts, there are several data which needs to be transformed to be usable inside OOBD. To make this easier, there are a few tools made for these purpose. This page explains which they are, for what they are good for and how to use them.


Cortex_CRC32 calculates and adds a checksum to the firmware binary to allow the bootloader to detect broken firmware to wait for a reflash

OLP - The OOBD Lua Preprocessor

OLP joins the lua source and the source includes into one single file, otherways the LUA compiler could not make a single binary out of it.

OpenDiagX - The ODX Transformer

OpenDiagX is a XSLT transformer with some build in, OOBD related logic.


Filelist.vbs lists directory content in a format useful for makefiles.

OODBCreate - The OOBD Database creator

OOBD uses an own file format for its key → value lookup table databases. These files can be generated with OODBCreate .

OOBDTemple - The OOBD source code template handler

To allow the easy re- use of common source code structures inside the OOBD firmware, we've made our own tailored source code template tool OOBDTemple

OOBDCopyShop - Selects your personal PGP scripts

OOBDCopyShop selects your personal PGP scripts out of a whole directory tree.

OOBDcmd - OOBD on a command line interface

OOBDcmd allows to communicate with the OOBD dongle on the command line, especially for the use in automated testing scripts

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